Cheats for The Simpsons: Hit & Run for PC. Cheats refer to words or button combinations that can be written to alter gameplay, usually to the player's advantage.


Open the cheat console by pressing the 'ESC' key during gameplay to open the pause menu. Then click on Options and then hold down the »'F1»' button while inserting the following arrow key codes (to get the desired result):

  • faster acceleration: right, right, right, right
  • Vehicle Invincibility: right, up, right, up
  • car horn jump: left, left, left, right
  • Red brick car: down, down, right, left
  • One Hit Kills Car: right, right, left, left
  • speedometer on: right, right, down, left
  • Unlimited speed: left, left, left, left
  • Unlock all cars: up, down, up, down
  • Change player appearance: Down, Down, Down, Left

NOTE 1: The Unlock All Vehicles cheat is used twice- Before the game is 100% complete, just unlock all the vehicles that would otherwise have to buy/earn But then when the game is 100% complete, you can get all the vehicles in the game that are not in the phone booth normal. The same applies to Change Player Skin, although that trick is exclusive to the PC version.

NOTE 2: If you try to enter any cheat from the options screen in the main menu, the game will crash. will block.

NOTE #3: If you try to start a quest not wearing the right skin talking to another character, this will cause the two characters to stay there indefinitely. The player can cancel by pressing the ESC key if the option is there, but if it's not there, there is no way to exit other than alt/F4, task manager or other similar ways.

The Simpsons Hit & Run Cheats for PC 1

NOTE #4: If you have a hard time changing your look, it's the attack button. To find out what it is go to the control settings in the Options. However, if the player wants to destroy a vending machine, a box or kick another character, you must jump and then press the attack button.

NOTE #5: To access the unlocked bonus cars, go to a phone booth and press F2.

NOTE #6: If your PC uses the f1 button to open a help window, press and hold fn+F1 and then enter the cheat codes to be able to use them.