Cheats for Super Smash Bros: Melee for GameCube. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, tips and other secrets for Super Smash Bros: Melee for GameCube.


Daisy's third eye

See Daisy's trophy in the gallery and zoom in on the hair on the back of her head until cut hair. A third eye is mysteriously floating on the back of his neck! Rough!

Unlock Master Hand as a playable character.

Make sure that the controller that will play as Master Hand, is in the third port controller. A second controller must be on the first or second port. When you're at the character selection screen in normal VS, select any character with the port 1/2 controller. Make sure the controller on port 3 does not select don't touch any character on the selection screen. Point the third controller to "Name Input" and the first/second controller to "Back" at the top right of the screen. make it both controllers press "A" at exactly the same time, which will take you to the stage selection screen. If you do this wrong, you will go to a different Screen, so start over. If you end up at the stage selection screen, start a game and Master Hand will be a playable character. Here is a list of moves for Master Hand:
  • D-UP + B = laser rays
  • R-RIGHT + B = Gun
  • D-UP + A = Space rocket
  • R-RIGHT + A = Shield Breaking Punch
  • D-DOWN + A = Knock
  • D-RIGHT/UP + Z = Grab
  • D-UP + R = Taladro
  • D-LEFT + R = Push
  • R-RIGHT + R = Charged Punch
  • D-DOWN + R = loaded slap
  • D-UP + L = swat away
  • D-DOWN + L = toe walking
  • R-RIGHT + L = cross slap

999% Damage

While using Fox (preferably with a turbo controller of some kind), use your blaster on your opponent. If executed correctly, the attack will deal high damage (up to 999% damage). try be near of the character you are attacking for this to work and of course a turbo controller will work better.

The Fake Fox and Falco Trick

use the attack Forward + B of Fox or Falco and press B exactly when you hear the hissing sound and will either stay where it is or make its attack shorter. This can be used for cheat other players or just shorten it so it doesn't fall over the edge.


  • Trophies regular singles: Beat Classic Mode with any character.
  • Donkey Kong Jr Trophy: Clear classic mode with all characters.
  • Break individual trophies: Beat Adventure mode with any character.
  • F-Zero Racers Trophy: Beat Adventure mode with every character.
  • Individual Super Smash Trophies: Beat All-Star mode with any character.
  • Tmeowth ropheus: Clear All-Star mode with all characters.
  • Kraid Trophy: unlocks the depths of Brinstar.
  • UFO Trophy: unlock Fourside.
  • Falcon Flyer Trophy: unlock Big Blue.
  • Sudowoodo Trophy: unlock Poke floats.
  • Maxim Tomato Trophy: play vs 10 times mode.
  • Heart Container Trophy: play vs 100 times mode.
  • food trophy: play vs. 1.000 times mode.
  • Master Hand Trophy: Beat Classic mode on Hard or Very Hard without using
  • a continue.
  • Crazy Hand Trophy: Beat Adventure mode on Hard or Very Hard without using a continue.
  • Mach Rider Trophy: Beat Classic Mode in less than 5 minutes.
  • Wolfen Trophy: Beat Adventure mode in under 20 minutes.
  • Battlefield Trophy: unlock Battlefield.
  • Wario Trophy: Beat All-Star mode without using a continue.
  • Meow Trophy: Beat All-Star mode on Hard or Very Hard.
  • Target Trophy: unlock Dream Land.
  • Lon Lon Milk Trophy: Complete the objective test with all characters in less than 25 minutes.
  • Sheriff's Trophy: Beat the Fate Trial with all characters in under 13 minutes.
  • Sandbag Trophy: Hit Sandbag 990 feet.
  • Paper Mario Trophy: Hit Sandbag 1,485 feet.
  • Unknown Trophy: it hits Sandbag a combined total of 16,503 feet.
  • Mute City Trophy: walk a combined 3,300 feet.
  • Motion Sensor Bomb Trophy: Beat Event Match 3.
  • Goomba Trophy: Beat the Match 14 event.
  • Entei Trophy: Beat Event Match 26.

Cheats for Super Smash Bros: Melee for GameCube

  • Game & Watch Trophy: Beat Event Match 45.
  • Majora's Mask Trophy: Beat the Match 47 event.
  • Final Destination Trophy: Unlock Final Destination.
  • Samus' Spaceship Trophy: Escape from Brinstar in Adventure mode.
  • Giga Bowser Trophy: Defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.
  • Male Wire Frame Trophy: Beat 100 men's melee in under 4 minutes.
  • Women's Wire Frame Trophy: KO over 100 people in endless melee.
  • Fighting Wire Frames Trophy: Survive 15 minute melee combat.
  • Mr. Resetti Trophy: KO 5 fighters in Cruel Melee.
  • metal box trophy: Do 10 combos in training mode.
  • Lip's Stick Trophy: Do 20 combos in training mode.
  • Bunny Hood Trophy: Make a total of 125 combos in training mode.
  • Kirby Trophy Hat 4: unlock Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Luigi, Marth, and Mr. Game.
  • Kirby Trophy Hat 5: unlocks Ganondorf, Roy, Pichu, Young Link, Dr. Mario, and Falco.
  • Tom Nook Trophy: Get 1001 coins.
  • Landmaster Tank Trophy: Get 1000 KO's.
  • Diskun Trophy: get all the bonus points.
  • Marine Trophy: unlock sound check.
  • Smash Coin Trophy: Play Coin mode 101 times.
  • Celebrity Trophy: find Celebi in a Poke Ball in 1P mode.
  • Captain Olimar Trophy: save Super Smash Bros. Melee data and Pikmin data on the same memory card.

Alternative music

To hear alternative music tracks on selected stages, press and hold one of the two analog trigger buttons (L or R) when choosing your stage. The following stages have alternative music tracks available:
  • Great Bay: sarah's song
  • hyrule temple: fire emblem
  • Icicles Mountain: balloon fight
  • Big Blue: Mach Rider
  • yoshi's island: super mario bros 3
  • Onett: Earthly
  • Stadium of Pokemon: pokemon battle theme
  • Mushroom Kingdoms I and II: Dr Mario
  • Battlefield: Multi-Man Melee Theme
  • Final destination: alternate SSBM theme