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Each new generation of consoles that we have seen, brings with it a series of titles that are part of the launch and trying to cover the different types of games that have greater acceptation among users, as well as showing advances that justify a new generation of consoles and the various actions that we can do now.

In this sense, and in these circumstances we have Need For Speed Rivals, a new title from the NFS franchise, titan and exponent of the simulation of driving and one of the most important titles from EA. A game that formed part of the initial range of PS 4 (the version we tested) is under the magnifying glass of thousands of fans of the series and the critics, and which we can already anticipate that follows the footsteps of his predecessor NFS Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit and High Stakes, although it includes a series of innovations that we will detail below.

As any fanatic series, or any gamer knows driving simulation games show an almost total absence of script, something which this NFS Rivals has not come to change. So nothing we will add in this section. The game tells us about a sort of rivalry between gangs or "speeders" and police fighting for the control of the roads, which simply serves as an excuse to give us what we are really asking for, and that it is not nothing but action, action and more action, pure adrenaline at the controls of our supercar while we pursue either we are persecuted.

As we can see this is not a great step forward in the series and the game repeats patterns that we have already been seen in its predecessors, although it is true that many of the previous features are refined. Although this just say may sound a bit disappointing, nothing further from reality, since all these features flow to result in a game extremely funny, in an open world of cops and "speeders".

Starting to play the first decision you must make is which side you align. In this sense can be pilots or "speeders" behind the wheel of a powerful car like a psychopath of speed and for which there is no rule of any kind and constantly fleeing from the law. Alternatively, we can be the law, whose mission is to put behind bars in these crazy giving them their own medicine. But before being able to choose one side or the other will have to complete a short training mode or tutorial that shows us the basic maneuvers. After this, we will choose our side, something which at first may seem accessory and unimportant but changing the approach and certain aspects of the game such as for example the type of cars that we will have access.

This decision can be changed later, that is, we can change from being a COP to a speeder and vice versa. However, as we have said, be on one side or another is quite different. In this sense, cars are not controlled in the same way, or have access to the same cars. As police, you can unlock different vehicles depending on the profile that you have depending on if we want to go fast, be powerful or go undercover. Also the playability and driving on this side is much more focused on contact, impacts, in persecutions and patrols.

On the other hand, on the side of the drivers or speeders, everything is much more focused on speed, our ability to ride, we will have to perform many more tests of speed or challenges to get good grades in tests that are spread around the map, and that are activated driving through them at low speed and pressing a button. As we can see, there a basic structure of standard missions, but rather a flexible structure that put us in front of many small tests that we found in different areas of this open world and which it can even be found in the middle of a chase.

The social nature of the game has been improved, something that is very much in the line of what the gamer really seeks, which takes advantage of the new generation connectivity options and which powerfully certainly lengthen the lifespan of the game. This new system called AllDrive, allows us to complete our missions and objectives in single-player mode while we are running a race. In this sense, we can cross in the road with another player who is doing the same thing so we can collaborate in certain tasks either and, what is much more interesting, we can challenge others and accept challenges from others players.

In this sense, when we challenge other cars or when someone challenges us, the game randomly generated a circuit in what we must to beat our rival. These circuits are designed to be quite dynamic, with few tedious stretches, putting our skills in testing constantly, thus we will find shortcuts, skids, jumps, etc... Another new feature is that this NFS Rivals minimizes typical problematic intersections of others cars as in Most Wanted.

This fusion of individual and multiplayer modes is quite well designed although it can be a little confusing and chaotic. Police can get together to pursue particularly challenging runners, while runners can challenge each other for glory and money. This combination that provided us the AllDrive system, it leads us to a very dynamic multiplayer, where there always seem to be something to do, so if you are cooperating with someone competing against other players, or simply trying to break your speed record on an open road.


With AllDrive the game does not stop. There is no pause. Once you are out of the garage and start to drive, that is all you have to do before you have to face hundreds of challenges and tests. The action continues even when you're in what would normally be the pause menu. NFS Rivals is absorbent. I wish I had some pause, but with AllDrive the game is essentially an MMO, so it is better you have this clear.

Rivals has an impressive number of unlockable vehicles from firms such as Ferrari, Bentley and Bugatti. But while the list is varied, we don't feel a huge difference in terms of the handling and the feel of driving between driving a Dodge Charger SRT8, a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series or an Aston Martin Vanquish. In some ways it is understandable, because control the driving characteristics of these cars would be quite difficult, and even it could result an unbalanced playability, so without being entirely negative, it makes the choice of car a bit indifferent beyond aesthetics options... Although we will always the possibility to customize our car, so we can make it unique.

On the other hand we have the Speed Points, which give rise to a system of purchase and improvement of cars very intelligent and that works very well. It will change as we are in one or another faction, for example, the speeders earn points doing some special maneuvers or fleeing from the police, increasing a multiplier that makes us to win points more quickly as we are making more risky maneuvers that will in turn make police officers more aggressive and tenacious. We will lose everything if we fail to get safely to a hiding place, so the emotion is served. We may then use those points to unlock new cars, improve features, customize our car, or buy weapons to defend ourselves. In relation to the police, you receive points more slowly, but in return we have more powerful cars which are unlocked without investing anything and only need spend points to unlock and improve weapons.

Driving the car, as you would expect, is very arcade. In general, cars have a tendency to overturn, even though this way of driving is quite intuitive and easy to learn, and we will adapt ourselves to it quickly. There are all sorts of things to do and shortcuts to find that lead us to the other side of the map, and some crazy jumps that help to make racing and missions funnier. All of this in an open world full of all kinds of road, from highways to tortuous mountain roads. The dynamic climate also helps to make the situations quite varied. During a particularly long chase, it can start to rain and it is impressive to chase along soaked, slippery roads. It is simply impressively.

In what refers to its technical and graphic section, simply NFS Rivals gets what we would expect from of a new generation game. However the results are not very far from what we could see in Most Wanted. It is undeniably a huge quality of finishes, visual effects, as for example the smoke, the leaves floating when we pass at great speed, the rain in our glasses, etc... Everything looks at an impressive level of realism.

The transitions between day and night are made in a way that is fluid and natural, giving us a great sense of realism that all the graphics and aesthetic have. The treatment of light and reflections is also outstanding, but it loses strength for the simple reason that it is very similar to which we have already seen in previous and recent games. The most interesting part is certainly the implication that visual effects are in the own playability. In this way if we are blinded by a light from a helicopter we may lose control of the car. Environments and scenarios are in the same way, with a high level of details, as we expected... very good, although not surprising perhaps by the own created expectation.

In the audio section, the game does a great work, presenting various songs and melodies that fit well to the action that takes place and that obviously are the main part of the game, rock and techno music mainly. The most impressive part falls on the side of sound effects which get to the user the feeling to be driving a real car. The noise of engines, hits, etc. make us feel in a real car.

By way of conclusion, we can say that NFS Rivals is undoubtedly one of the first indispensable game of the new generation of consoles and it is a great start, but it is true that there is not a big difference with its earlier predecessor, NFS Most Wanted. In this sense, the repetition of previous schemes, the AllDrive system is simply exciting and it will move us to a continuous action in which the rest is almost zero. Enough cars, races, challenges, weapons, customizations, etc… It makes the game a huge duration. In relation to its artistic, aesthetic and graphic section repeat the schemas of the saga. Need For Speed: Rivals is essential if you are a fan of driving simulators as if you're not.

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Need for Speed: Rivals

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Review - Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals


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