Trucos de Alwa’s Awakening para PC

9 de febrero 2017
Imagen Trucos de Alwa’s Awakening

Ahora te dejamos con el listado de logros que tenemos para el juego de Alwa's Awakening en PC, tenemos un total de 15 logros, y como siempre en Trucoteca queremos ayudarte a conseguirlos todos, y que minimo que mostrarte todos los logros que podemos conseguir.


Just Like Dana:
Discover the potential of the magic staff

Vicious Keeper:
Defeat Vicious Keeper

Sea Monk:
Defeat Sea Monk

Crimson Guardian:
Defeat the Crimson Guardian

In The Mouth of Madness:
Find the book of Sutter

A Helping Hand:
Rescue somone who needs your help

The Beholder:
Defeat The Beholder

What Lies Beneath:

Alwa's Awakening?:
Complete the game

Missing Pieces:

As Cool as Bell:
Find all the items

Serious Collector:
Gather all the blue orbs

Go Your Own Way:
Defeat Crimson Guardian before any other bosses

In a Hurry:
Defeat Vicious Keeper in less than 10 seconds

Got To Go Fast:
Finish the game in less than 120 minutes and with less than 5 deaths